Anna Wang
Multimedia Designer (almost)...
...which is why I am looking for an internship

My name is Anna. I’m a third semester international multimedia design student. I am looking for an internship in spring 2017.
This is why I have lured you to my portfolio.
I will show you who I am, why I am the intern for you and what you will get in return.

Who am I
I am a dedicated person.
As a general once i get my hands on something, I can’t help but engage.
Communication and design is an integrated part of me - both personally and professionally.
Add this to my greater interests and you've got something great!
Culture in all shapes and sizes is what really gets me going. Shared experiences in the form of events, (live)music, arts and people.
I am adventurous by nature and therefore i enjoy seeking new opportunities and experiences.
This is why I’m targeting you.
As a multimedia design student I have a general knowledge on different aspects of the field.
  • Communication
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Project Management
Of these I have most experience in communication and design - all though, all of the above holds my interest these are the ones that i have in focus.
What you get

So what are you getting by hiring me?

  • An intern eager to explore the profesional world of Multimedia Design
  • I am especially looking to increase the publics knowledge of the cultural presence in Odense
  • If I’m part of a project I deliver.
  • It's my goal for both parts to capitalize on the internship.
  • Learning by doing is a great philosophy.
Let's talk
Now that you know who I am and what i can offer you, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Anna wang
Fengersvej 37 st. th.
5230 Odense M
By phone: